Machine tool online measurement

Machine tool online measurement
CNC machine tools are mechatronics digital control automation machine tools, which are widely used in CNC precision machining and automated production. Many international professionals have tried to equip CNC machine tools with various types of monitoring and monitoring devices (such as probes) to monitor the workpieces and tools during the process. It is found that the workpieces are out of tolerance, the tools are worn and damaged, and the alarms can be timely. Compensation is given, or the tool is exchanged to improve the automation of the machine tool and ensure the product quality of the CNC machine tool during long-term work. In order to meet the needs of various parties, many manufacturers and users hope to configure various processing accuracy testing equipment on CNC machine tools, and apply automatic measurement technology to solve the above problems.
As a high-tech product, CNC machine tools are becoming more and more widely used. However, whether at home or abroad, the quality problems in the CNC machining process seriously restrict the overall efficiency of these advanced manufacturing systems, and also restrict the rapid popularization and promotion of these advanced manufacturing systems. Therefore, the development of on-line detection technology based on CNC machine tools provides a set of effective methods for quality inspection of CNC machining processes.
At the same time, in the field of machining, measurement is the premise and basis of processing. Only after measurement can it be tested whether the processed product meets the production requirements. When a batch of parts is about to start processing, a large amount of inspection work needs to be completed, including fixture and part clamping, alignment, part programming origin detection, first part inspection, inter-process inspection, and processing inspection. In some cases, there may be detection of unknown parts. Especially for ultra-precision machining, the corresponding measuring equipment must be kept up to ensure that the machining accuracy meets the design requirements. Therefore, the measurement equipment is integrated into the CNC machining equipment, and the drive shaft of the machine tool is used as the drive shaft of the measuring instrument. The CNC machine tool with on-line measurement function is developed to meet the requirements of high efficiency and high output of machining.
It can be seen that whether it is to reduce the problems generated in the processing of CNC machine tools, to ensure the quality of its products, or to improve the automation of machine tools to achieve the integration of its production and processing and measurement and testing, the research of online measurement technology of CNC machine tools is bound to be Row.
After the on-line measurement of the CNC machine tool, in addition to measuring the workpiece shape tolerance, facilitating the installation and adjustment of the workpiece, simplifying the fixture, reducing the cost, shortening the auxiliary time and improving the production efficiency, the machining program can be automatically modified according to the measurement result to improve the machining accuracy. . In this way, the CNC machine can not only process the equipment, but also have some measurement functions, so that the use function can be exerted to a greater extent, so that the user's machine tool investment can get a better return.
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