Aerospace: Engine Factory

As the heart of the aircraft, aero-engine parts are more complex in geometry and larger in size. Typical parts include thin-walled, complex geometries and contours, presenting new challenges for geometric size and shape measurement. The main components of the aero engine include blades, impellers, blade discs, casings, disc shafts, gears, tooling gages, blank inspection before processing, process measurement during machining, accurate measurement of finished parts and dimensional shape Evaluation and analysis, Hexagon provides aerospace manufacturing customers with measurement solutions throughout the manufacturing process, providing users with reverse mapping, rapid blank margin analysis, manufacturing process quality analysis, digital production lines, digital assembly and high precision, high Efficient parts full-size digital inspection solution.
Typical complex shape component inspections for aero engines include:
The blade profile is mostly a free-form surface, and its profile and related parameters are relatively complex to measure and evaluate. It has always been a difficult point in aero-engine testing.
Currently, 33% of the workload of aero engines comes from the manufacture of blades. The number of blades detected is large, the precision is high, the measurement stability is required, and the measurement repeatability and reproducibility are suitable. Hexagon Metrology runs through the entire process before, during and after blade manufacturing, providing aerospace engine manufacturers with applicable measurement techniques and solutions.
Integral impeller / leaf disc
The blade disc is the blade rotor of an aero-engine that replaces the combination of multiple components in the past with a holistic manufacturing technique. At present, all blades of the leaf disc need to be tested in Europe, and each blade detects 5-8 sections. The accuracy of the measuring machine is generally required to be 1/10 of the blade disk tolerance requirement.
The Leitz ultra-precision measuring machine from Hexagon Metrology offers a complete four-axis disc/impeller inspection solution with precision turntable and QUINDOS software. Compared to other solutions, the measurement time is significantly reduced and the measurement process is more reliable.
The characteristics of the aircraft engine casing are complex shape, thin wall and high precision, and it is easy to deform during the machining process. After the parts are clamped by the machine tool, the forming and finishing of the inner and outer wall surfaces of the machine must be completed at one time, avoiding the product over-sequence and rework caused by multiple clamping corrections.
In-machine measurement, it can facilitate the clamping position of the workpiece, reduce the turnover of the workpiece and the time waste caused by the over-rework, improve the efficiency, ensure the accuracy of the workpiece size and the consistency of the batch processing size.
Pipe fittings
There are a large number of pipe fittings on the aircraft and the engine. With the ROMER pipe fitting measuring system, the pipe fittings can be detected accurately, quickly and flexibly. The system is the only movable pipe inspection system on the market, measuring from thin wires up to 150mm diameter pipe fittings. The software can measure the length, bending degree and resilience of the pipe fittings, and can introduce the CAD model of the pipe fittings to realize the comparison analysis between the measurement and the CAD, so that the quality assurance is more reliable.

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