What is the reason for the failure of the Nikon three-coordinate probe to fall b

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Nikon's three-coordinates appear to be the cause of the failure of the probe to fall back, which is generally caused by poor cable contact or damage to the probe. The connection part of the Nikon three-coordinate probe cable, especially the movable connection part, is prone to poor contact.
Trigger probes such as TP2, MIP, TP20, whose internal structure is a mechanical structure, have a normal operating life of approximately one million triggers. Due to its relatively fine internal structure, the internal mechanical structure is injured after an accidental abnormal collision, which also affects the service life. Therefore, try to avoid collision when using. When using the extension rod, select the suction cup with proper force measurement to minimize the fatigue and prolong the service life.
The TP200 probe is very accurate, but it is also very delicate, and a slightly larger vibration can cause damage. Therefore, be very careful when disassembling the Nikon three-coordinate probe. When using a long extension rod, it is best to choose a large force-measuring suction cup.
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