What are the uses of the altimeter?

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GROHE is an instrument placed on a platform for single-axis measurements, ideally with a granite platform. Our TESA-μHITE is a full-featured measurement system that combines a platform with an altimeter. The full-featured altimeter is mainly used for online or batch inspection, directly on one or a group of machines, especially for Some dimensionally demanding workpieces are very useful for commissioning and sampling inspection during production.
TESA-HITEorTESAMICRO-HITE, no matter the manual or automatic, does not require professional skills, and can be easily used by almost all production lines.
SCS verification certificate
The newly produced TESA-HITE and TESAMICRO-HITE lines now also have their own SCS-certified temperature control laboratory, so each altimeter includes a free SCS verification certificate.
Almost negligible temperature changes (20 ° C ± 0, 1 °), and the use of high-precision step gauges, the lowest measurement uncertainty can be achieved during the calibration process.
1. In the first step, the values ??required for the automatic compensation of all assembled altimeter system errors are obtained by Computer Aided Accuracy (CAA).
2. Once calculated, each single compensation value will be stored in the altimeter's memory to automatically make corrections to the measurements during verification.
3. Finally, based on a series of measurement data obtained by measuring another step gauge, the relevant verification certificate is obtained. The verification step and the SCS ensure that each altimeter can be traced back to the national standard.